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Automatic sevai machine

Automatic sevai machine

What is an automatic sevai machine?

Automatic sevai machine is a machine that automatically produces the South Asian noodle dish called sevai. It is used to produce a variety of sevai dishes including plain sevai, flavored sevai, and sweet sevai.

The machine is usually equipped with a hopper to hold the flour dough and when the machine switched on then from the top pressure is applied on the flour dough in the hopper through the extrusion disc immediately the noodle formed sevai drops out through small holes in the disc and it will be catched in the rotating plates.

After that we can cook the produced sevai as per our choice. Its very easy to handle


What is the price of Automatic Sevai Machine?

Our fully automatic sevai machine is just Rs 41,300. At this price our automatic sevai machine comes out very compact and handy, so its easily portable from one place to another.

Anyone like ladies and old aged people’s can easily operate this sevai machine. With all of these features we are one of the best seller of automatic sevai machine at this reasonable price Rs 41,300.

Comparing to other machines in the industry our machines are far advanced with latest model sensors where you can adjust the weights of the sevai which is produced and also you can get an output of 15kg of sevai per hour and upto 75kg to 100 kg of sevai per day.


How to start a business with automatic sevai machines?

An automatic sevai machine is a type of automatic noodle-making machine that is used to make a traditional South Indian dish called sevai. The machine is designed to knead and shape the dough into noodles. The machine is typically operated by a motor, and can produce sevai in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors.

Starting a business can be an dream project in everyone’s life. One great business idea is to start a business with a automatic sevai machine. This type of machine is perfect for those who want to make both traditional South Indian breakfast items in one convenient machine. Idiyappam and sevai are popular breakfast dishes in South India.

Idiyappam is a type of steamed rice flour noodles that is often served with coconut and jaggery. Sevai is a similar dish, made with rice and vermicelli noodles. Both of these dishes are traditionally served with a variety of accompaniments, including chutney, sambar, and other curries.

We also got two-in-one idiyappam & sevai making machine, you can make both of these dishes quickly and easily. The machine will typically come with a variety of attachments, so you can make different types of idiyappam and sevai. You can also experiment with different flavors and ingredients to create your own unique recipes.

Importance of automatic sevai machines?

1. Automated design: Sevai making machines are automated and programmed to make perfect, consistent shapes and sizes of sevai.
2. Advanced sensors: Our machines have advanced sensors, allowing you to customize the thickness and size of your sevai.
3. Cost effective: The cost effectiveness of an automatic sevai machine is undeniable. With its efficient technology and minimal human intervention, it can produce large quantities of sevai in a short
4. Easy Portable: Our machines are very compact and doesn’t require much space so it is very easy to be portable from one place to another.
5. Durable construction: Our Sevai making machines are built with durable materials so they can withstand frequent use.
6. Easy cleaning: Most machines are designed with removable parts that are easy to clean and maintain.


Industries that are benefitting by automatic sevai machines:

Automatic sevai machines are being used in a variety of industries, including food service, hospitality, catering, and healthcare. These machines are used to make and deliver a variety of dishes, including Indian dishes such as sevai, idiyappams, nool appam, and string hopper.

Other industries that benefit from the use of automatic sevai machines include quick-service restaurants, convenience stores, and food processing facilities. whereas all the automatic sevai making machine used Automatic sevai making machines are typically used in large-scale commercial kitchens and restaurants.

They are used to quickly and efficiently make large batches of sevai, an Indian dish made of rice, vegetables, herbs, and spices. The machines are also used in food processing plants and factories to mass-produce sevai for retail and wholesale distribution.

In order to start your business with automatic sevai machine, get connected with our team MADique Technologies, we will provide you all the guidance to your success.



So all this names are referred to idiyappam making machine. For more details and any enquiries on idiyappam making machine feel free to reach us.

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