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Sevai Maker

idiyappam maker

Cooked idlies upto 1 kg can be filled in the bowl, at a time. Within 1-minute it can be extracted as Sevai from this machine without much effort. 

Idiyappam Maker

manual idiyappam making machine

Idiyappams can be made from rice and a variety of millet powders.  The collecting tray plate at the bottom is powered by an electric motor for smooth output

Manual Sevai Maker

Sevai, Shanthagai, othushevagai can me made

Manual Idiyappam Maker

All kinds of idiyappam can be made from rice and millets

Frequently Asked Questions

For Sevai the dough is made of boiled rice. whereas  for Idiyappam the dough is  made of raw rice powder. 

In Sevai, the boiled rice will be ground and the batter made into idly, then it can be pressed by the machine. The output is ready to serve. In Idiyappam, the raw rice powder is mixed with hot water to make dough  and then pressed by the machine into  strings to make a round shape which is then steamed before serving. 

Yes ! That is the beauty of MADique machines which are very versatile. By using different attachments and dies, one can make not only Sevai and Idiyappam but also Murukku, Chakli, Ribbon Pakoda, Noodles, Chappathi balls etc., Attachments and dies are to be bought separately.  

Absolutely Not ! A  5- ton hydraulic jack is used which thus requires very little effort by pressing a lever. This small application of force by hand gets magnified to apply uniform pressure on the dough . It is so effortless that just one hand can be used.   

Most certainly YES!  One  can easily operate the machine without much effort just by using one’s hand. The operation of the machine will seem magical due to the small effort required.