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MADique Introduces innovative Murukku machine which can produce all kind of Murukku designs. The machine is simple to operate, easy to change die designs for variety of patterns and potentially upgradable. 

The machine comes with 10 Kg flour bowl which is made up of stainless steel 304 grade. The machine can produce more than 20 types of Murukkus with minimum budget. The Size and shape of the Murukkus are adjustable by superior quality controllers in the machine.  

The design dispenses with use of  hydraulics and air compressors; the use of advanced gear-train technology powers the drive thus giving faultless operations, with low maintenance and good speed control. MADique’s range of quality machines  come with economical pricing across the full range.  

Practically anyone  can operate the machine with minimal skill sets . The machine come with inbuilt power drive along with speed control so there is smooth running of the motor, without overheating thus avoiding wear and tear.  We provide 5 years warranty for our Murukku machine. Contact us for more information.


Machine capacity : 1 HP
Motor Type: Induction Motor
Unit consumption : 0.5 KWh
Voltage input : 220 -240 V Single phase
Rated Amps : 3 Amps
Bowl capacity : 10 Kg flour
Warranty : 5 years (for all key parts)
Weight of Machine : 150 Kg
Size of Machine : 46 x 76 x 168 cm
Food contact parts : SS 304 Food Grade
Technology : Ball screw ( Aircraft Quality)
Murukku size : 3 to 12 cm
Die Designs : More than 20 designs
Murukku weight : Adjustable from 10 to 100g
Operation type : Fully automatic
Production speed : 30 Kg murukku /hour

Jangiri Murukku Design

Murukku Machine business at Home

Thenkulal murukku Design

Economic murukku machine

Coil Murukku Design

Compact and elegant Design

Thenkulal Murukku Design

Affordable Cost

Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced model can make coil shape murukku designs and other designs

Standard model can make all designs except coil shape murukku

One design as per the customer choice (from among 20 available) will supplied with the machine.  Additional dies will be charged as per choice of the design ( Kindly refer the download ).

The option for making Kai/Twisted Murukku is currently not supported. All other designs are possible by using different die designs.