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Introduction to automatic idiyappam making machine:

Owing to our vast experience in the Idiyappam making machine industry, we are offering a comprehensive array of fully automatic idiyappam making machines. The offered Fully Automatic Idiyappam Making Machine is manufactured using top-notch quality components and cutting-edge technology in line with industry norms. Furthermore, provided Idiyappam Making Machines are tested by our quality experts on different parameters so as to offer a flawless product at our user’s end.


Optimum Output
Easy to Handle & Operate
Fully Automated
Compact design.

How does the automatic idiyappam making machine operates?

Idiyappam making machine or string hopper making machine with a cylindrical barrel to hold the dough mixture, a plunger to push the dough mixture in the barrel through an
extrusion disc with small holes, a ram to move the plunger up and down, and a handle to operate and Catch idiyappam with the rotating trays.
The handle, rotating bowl, and piston are connected by a gear system and rotating shaft. All the above parts are assembled into a base structure,
which includes 4 suction cups for ensuring the safety of the machine to a surface.

The history behind the making of idiyappam:

ldiyappam” is a kind of traditional food widely eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner by people in South Asian countries such as India and Sri Lanka, and Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and Singapore, and is also served as a special food to guests.

ldiyappam is made from different types of flour mixtures such as wheat flour, rice flour, etc., and this dough of flour mixture is extruded through a series of small holes, making the flour dough into threads.Nowadays, most people use traditional manual tools made of wooden plate bronze with a hole in the bottom of the wooden tool.
Difficulties in this traditional method

• It’s very Dissicult to to press the flour dough manually.
• And the idiyappam is made one by one in slow phase
And our automatic idiyappam making machine manufactured by Madique technologies will eliminate all the above mentioned difficulties and provides you the desired output in the short time frame.
Advantages of our idyappam making machine:
* Removable cylindrical cylinder makes dough reloading easier.
* Barrel volume allows you to create 8-12 Idiyappams per charge.
* A rotating food bowl receives the extruded dough in a circle, forming a uniform shape for each idiapam.
* Maximises the productivity of the output.
*Because of the gear system, almost no force is required for operation.
* All materials used for our idiyappam making machine are made by food grade materials.
* Easy maintenance.
*Our idiyappam making machine comes in handy with user friendly by which even old peoples can access it easily.
* Can be easily attached to and detached from the table with suction cups.
We hope this content gives a clear idea about idiyappam making machine and how it operates. Now peoples from different regions uses different types of names foe idiyappam and idiyappam making machine so will share the list of other names for idiyappam making machine in the following
• Noolappam making machine
• Nool puttu making machine
• String hoppers making machine
• Idiyappam making machine
• Sevai making machine.

So all this names are referred to idiyappam making machine. For more details and any enquiries on idiyappam making machine feel free to reach us.

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